A Safe Place To Discover Healing

Adults who discover that they need the support of a therapeutic relationship will find the safety needed to explore problems from a new perspective. Integrative approaches that address emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being are encouraged. A place that celebrates the sacred, respectful and collaborative work between therapist and client brings clarity to those chaotic, confusing, or wounded times in an individual's life.


Children & Teenagers 5-18

Individual Therapy

Teens and their parents need a safe place to explore concerns and relationships. Challenges are confronted within the context of a trusting relationship, and accountability is encouraged. Strategies and skills are taught through creative techniques. Encouragement is offered, especially when teens are experiencing low self-esteem, social or school problems, anxiety, depression, boy-/girlfriend or parental relationship issues, gender/sexuality identity formation, and trauma-related problems.

Play Therapy provides an environment for children to communicate.

Children's creative and problem-solving processes happen through play and playful interaction, strengthening their ability to build frustration tolerance; increase attention span; develop confidence; and reduce stress-response cycles. Parents are an important part of this process. Most sessions with children include time for parents to discuss and review parenting concerns.Parent consultation is integrated in the treatment process and is also offered separately as in-depth support

Family & Couples

Families are given the opportunity to build solutions. 

Identifying destructive patterns and existing strengths will empower parents to re-establish order within the home.

When a marriage seems caught in a web of conflict and more mis-communication than authentic connection, couples therapy can offer greater understanding for both partners. Katharine utilizes a variety of approaches for expanding a couple's skill repertoire. An important goal is for partners to learn to communicate WITH each other. This means listening and speaking from a place of love, truth and forgiveness. It may involve anger, sadness, loss, shame, guilt, or fear. All of these emotions are safe when the goal is acceptance rather then blame

Couples, Family, and Parent Coaching

Educational groups and weekend retreats are available for exploring new perspectives and solutions. Parent Coaching is available via office, phone, or Skype.

Intensives & Retreats

For those wishing a deeper dive into healing, Katharine provides custom retreats.  These are tailor designed for the individual, couple or family. Retreats are most often 3 – 4 days in length.  They offer a collaborative approach to healing if the party is interested in gathering a team for the event. Katharine provides services in conjunction with several other local practitioners for a deeper, richer, experience. Pricing is based on services requested in the custom plan.

These comprise of several days with multiple sessions each day.  They are tailored to the specific needs of the client. The most common structure is with an arrival Thursday night (if traveling from afar), Friday morning sessions through Sunday noon.  These retreats may include other local practitioners for expanded supports, such as bodywork, acupuncture, movement sessions, expanded rituals or ceremony with a circle of support. Pricing is determined based on the number of sessions and purpose of the retreat.  Again, each is tailor crafted to meet the individual needs of the client/family.


Coaching & Consulting

Life Coaching

The major difference between Counseling and Coaching is that we focus on the present and the future.  We are not focusing on the past. We might look at patterns and themes that need to shift, but our primary focus is the present and future. This is a best option for those who have completed some deep work in counseling and are ready to build a future based on their new perspectives of life.

Katharine is able to offer video conferencing and coaching via zoom sessions to anywhere in the world.  These range from 1-2 hour sessions and we tailor build a Goal Plan for working together. This brings the client into the process and establishes clear goals for our time together.

Weekend Retreats are often a part of this work.  Please see below for information regarding Intensives.

Parent Consulting

Parents need support in this high-tech and over-anxious culture.  Coaching for parents is provided at several levels of support. This can take the form of digital sessions where parents can stay at home and meet with Katharine via zoom (a HIPPA compliant platform), or attend a session in person at the office.  Katharine provides phone and email support along with 60-90 min sessions. This builds consistent support for parents who are managing “high-need” children or for those wishing for more educational support.

Educational issues often focused on include the following:

  • Anger

  • Avoidance

  • Depression

  • School Failure

  • Sensory Issues

  • Social Cue Development

  • Autism Asperger Spectrum

  • Highly Dysregulated Nervous Systems

  • Developmental Trauma

  • ADHD/ODD reactivity

  • Bipolar

  • Anxiety

Collaborative Case-Management Consulting

Katharine provides support for families and Agency cases needing a multidisciplinary team approach for supporting the child. These kinds of consultations are often included in case management. Communication is frequent and ongoing with various community groups such as:

  • School Admin/Guidance

  • Foster Care Prevention Services

  • Department of Social Services

  • Family Law Advocates, Attorneys  and CASA

  • Medical Physicians, PCP & Pediatrician, Psychiatrist

  • OT/PT, Chiropractors, Neuro-feedback, Acupuncturist, Bodyworker

  • Educational Assessment practitioners and Psychologist

  • Equine Therapy