Invite Curiosity. Awaken Joy. Embrace Life

Go to the edge of it... Dip your toe in...

Be curious. Explore the questions. Take the risk of a new possibility. Embrace your "Self" with Intention. Tickle what brings you pleasure. Connect to your body. Dance with the discomfort. Integrate the past with the present. Find balance. Breathe. Create confidence. Feel empowered. Be playful with the inner child. Embrace yourself. 

Come alive into the NOW.

Creative Integration Therapy is a psychotherapy method that I have developed to support individuals who are seeking an Integrative Balance in their lives.

If your life feels chaotic; if your emotions seem out-of-control; or if you just feel “stuck” in dysfunctional patterns, then this method will help you build better internal connections integrating those out-of-balance parts of yourself. 

It is not about getting rid of the discomfort. Instead, let’s learn to dance with it, so that the experience of sorrow and joy transforms the way we live our lives.